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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:36 pm

Hello and welcome to the application topic of the Northernlands region. Northernlands is a new region, created on 13.05.2015. and it is open for new nations who wish to join us(no puppets please).

Regional Map.
(More land masses will be added.)

Northernlands is a real-time geopolitical roleplay region, but we have limited usage of certain futuristic technologies. In certain situations we also might use the Random Number Generator(RNG), when one side requests it and if the others involved agree to it.
We are using a custom map, which may change as the time goes by. We might also add new continents and islands. For now, we have a "first come first served" policy, which means that those who come among the first will have more options to pick which part of the regions they want to place their country in, among other benefits.

Benefits for the first couple of countries that join our region:
-More space to choose where you want to place your country.
-The first few set of countries that join get an ability to make the landmass(es) where their country will be located, of course in consultation with the others. But please be reasonable, we want to keep it as realistic as we can.
-More flexibility when it comes to the size of the country. Later there will be specific rules about the size and stats of the country you may have.
-You can pick one or more field(s) in which your country will be "the best" in(economicaly, politicaly or militarely). This number lowers with each new country that joins the region.

Now to explain in short some basic things that will be used later in the text(to save you some time from searching for it on the internet if you don't know):

Human Development Index.:

Government Type.:

Government Classification.:

Military Level.:

Total fertility rate.:

Registration Name(the name you used when you made your country on NS):
Roleplaying Nation Name(the name you will be roleplaying with):
(Basic)Government Type(Democracy, Monarchy or Oligarchy):
Government Classification(Unitary State, Federation, Confederation etc.):
Official political ideology of your country(optional):
Leader Name:
Total fertility rate(TFR):
State religion(yes/no):
Biggest religion:
Writing system:
National Miniorities(name the most numerous):
HDI(Human Development Index: High/Medium/Low):
Military Level(Superpower, Regional Power, Local Power or Poor):
Military tactic(Offensive, Defensive or Mixed):
Military Development Focus(Land Forces, Naval Forces, Air Forces or Balanced):
Economy(Developed, Developing, Undeveloped):
Economic Focus(Industry, Agriculture or Balanced):
Major Imports:
Major Exports:
National Issues and Problems:
National Characteristics(optional):

Does the majority of citizens of your country prefer an Authoritrarian or Libertarian regime?
Does the majority of citizens of your country prefer Socialist/Communist or Capitalist system?

For map reservation send me a private message when you fill out this form, saying are you interested on the East or West part of the region. Then i will send you that part of the map, so you can mark the territory you want.

NOTE: This text(along with the regional map) will further be edited later, but the countries which already used the application before the changes won't be asked to answer on any new questions that may appear.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, and i hope you'll consider joining us in Northernlands.
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Application Form
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